Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lucy's Fried Chicken

So the way I understand it, Lucy's Fried Chicken was opened by James Holmes on the coattails of his famous fried chicken that is served at the Olivia brunch (where he is the executive chef). It does not disappoint. I checked the place out with the wife (ol preggers) and mother-in-law (Terri) last night. We wanted some good food, but it was Friday night and we didn't want to drop serious coin, or wait forever. 7pm. Friday night. Sat right down. That's what I'm talkin' about!
After perusing the menu, and figuring that ol preggers and Terri probably wouldn't go for calf fries, chicken gizzards, chicken boudin, or the sausage basket (all of which I plan to return for), we opted for a bucket of chicken, black eyed peas, and crab-boil potato salad. We did not fail in our selections. The chicken was excellent! Moist. Crispy. Flavorful. The peas were perfectly cooked and had a some bonus pork in them. The tater salad was spicy as all get out and delicious! The basket says it "feeds 4", but we barely made a dent. As is made clear in the following photo:
Yea. We needed two to-go bags. "Well" we figured, "if we're taking home chicken, we might as well take home pie!" They have a great selection of pies that are most certainly being made by someone's grandma chained up in the back. Lime, Apple, and Shoofly. Yup. Shoofly pie is an ACTUAL thing! It's a molasses base with a butter oat streusel and a gingersnap crust. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
All-in-all, a great experience and we can't wait to have chicken for dinner, and check out Lucy's again!